Patrick F.-Productions
Patrick F.-Productions
 MP3Encoder veröffentlicht

Ich benutze schon seit viele Jahren meine eigene Software, um meine Audio-Dateien zu mp3 zu kodieren. Da inzwischen die Patente auf dem Format abgelaufen sind, habe ich mich entschlossen die Software nun unter OpenSource zu stellen und zu veröffentlichen.

Der Quellcode ist nun bei GitHub zu finden, fertige Binaries für Windows gibt's hier.
Mein Lego-Stopmotion-Film
 Die Abenteuer von Charlie & George Decker - Der Film

Meine Songs
 Patrick F. - Experiments
This is my first album mixed together in a continous DJ mix

The complete mix as downloadable file:
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015-Patrick F. - Experiments (Album Continuous Mix).mp389 MB

 Patrick F. - Broken (Original Mix)
It is often very difficult for me to find a title for a track. This time the title was there even before writing any notes. Unfortunately I had an accident with my bicycle 3 weeks ago and broke my left upper leg. That's what "Broken" refers to. The image on the cover is actually a real X-ray from my leg two days after the surgery. It's a bit creepy...

 Patrick F. - In The Hall Of The Mountaing King (Original Mix)
This track is based on Edvard Grieg's "Peer Gynt, In The Hall Of The Mountain King". I heard it last year somewhere around Halloween and thought a Trance version would perfectly fit that event. It was also the first time I used speed changes in one of my tracks.

 Patrick F. - On The Road (Original Mix)

 Patrick F. - Heartbeat (Original Mix)

 Patrick F. - Shallow Water (Original Mix)

 Patrick F. - Rain (Original Mix)

 Patrick F. - Windbreaker (Original Mix)
I used this track as background for the "making of" of my Lego stopmotion film "The Adventures of Charlie & George Decker", which is available on YouTube: