Patrick F.-Productions
Patrick F.-Productions
Mein Lego-Stopmotion-Film
 Die Abenteuer von Charlie & George Decker - Der Film

Meine Songs
 Patrick F. - Experiments
This is my first album mixed together in a continous DJ mix

The complete mix as downloadable file:
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015-Patrick F. - Experiments (Album Continuous Mix).mp389 MB

 Patrick F. - Broken (Original Mix)
It is often very difficult for me to find a title for a track. This time the title was there even before writing any notes. Unfortunately I had an accident with my bicycle 3 weeks ago and broke my left upper leg. That's what "Broken" refers to. The image on the cover is actually a real X-ray from my leg two days after the surgery. It's a bit creepy...

 Patrick F. - In The Hall Of The Mountaing King (Original Mix)
This track is based on Edvard Grieg's "Peer Gynt, In The Hall Of The Mountain King". I heard it last year somewhere around Halloween and thought a Trance version would perfectly fit that event. It was also the first time I used speed changes in one of my tracks.

 Patrick F. - On The Road (Original Mix)

 Patrick F. - Heartbeat (Original Mix)

 Patrick F. - Shallow Water (Original Mix)

 Patrick F. - Rain (Original Mix)

 Patrick F. - Windbreaker (Original Mix)
I used this track as background for the "making of" of my Lego stopmotion film "The Adventures of Charlie & George Decker", which is available on YouTube: